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CCM Proline Glove Biological Odor Control 125ml

CCM Proline Glove Biological Odor Control 125ml
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Biological and biodegradable product containing micro-organisms which have been specifically selected to eliminate unpleasant odors. These micro-organisms accelerate the decomposition of organic matter thereby
preventing production of malodorous gases. Read more..


PROLINE GREEN is easy to use. No mixing required. Simply spray directly on hockey equipment while it’s still wet.

PROLINE GREEN is recommended to eliminate foul odors on all types of sports equipment.

PROLINE GREEN is EcoLogo certified. EcoLogo guides consumers on carefully selecting environmentally friendly products. The advantages of having an EcoLogo certification is that the consumer is aware
that the product purchased is ecological and not harmful to the environment.

PROLINE GREEN is accredited to be biologically certified. Unique to Proline Green is that all products are subjected to biological analysis by various specialized independent laboratories. This ensures the bacterial count and or enzymes of all our products. This unique program allows us to establish a sense of trust with our client, who may question the contents of our product.


Form: Liquid

Colour: Green

Fragrance: Fresh

Contents: Microorganisms, surfactants and biological nutriments


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