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Bauer S16 Vapor 1X Grip Junior Stick

Bauer S16 Vapor 1X Grip Junior Stick
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The 2016 Bauer 1X stick is the premier model in the next generation of Bauer’s Vapor line. Continuing the focus on puck handling and quick release shots, the 1X is revamped with improved QRT technology and a new eye-popping graphics package. Read more..

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 The QRT (Quick Release Taper) Technology made well known in the 2014 1X model, features an aggressive taper that gives this stick a low kick profile and has also been completely optimized with a new layup design. The result ends with a 1X hockey stick that has been made lighter, faster, and stronger than its predecessor.

Bauer’s advanced research showed that reorienting the layers of carbon fibre underneath the TeXtreme® would pay huge dividends in the progression of not only QRT tech but also the entire Vapor line as a whole. By doing this, the stick was made lighter by trimming off a little bit of weight, made faster by giving the shooter the ability to achieve maximum levels of deformation or more effortless stick loading, and made 30% more durable in the taper area also known as the slash zone. With all these improvements working together the 2016 1X provides the quickest shot release from Bauer’s Vapor line to date

This 2016 model will see many of the features from the previous generation to carry over. Just like the top of the line Supreme and Nexus models, Bauer continues to use a single moulding process called Monocomp technology, which allows them to remove excess material all while improving balance and performance consistency. Other shared features that are exclusive to Bauer's highest end models are TeXtreme® technology and the eLASTech resin system. TeXtreme® is a durable carbon fibre that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon, so it reduces weight in the stick without sacrificing strength. In the Vapor 1X, it is eye-catching silver colour and is distinctly recognizable by its extensive checkerboard-like pattern. The eLASTech resin system enhances durability by adding reinforcements in the resin that help reduce the spread of micro-fractures and helps extend the life of the sticks "pop." The Micro Feel II shaft profile is unchanged and has rounded corners and double-concave walls which allows the shaft to fit comfortably into your hands, resulting in easier puck handling and superior control. The 1X is available in a beautiful matte finish (non-grip), or with the Griptac finish

The blade of the 1X features AERO-SENSE 2 technology. This is a sophisticated lightweight combination of a dual density AERO FOAM 3 core and an evolved SENSE layer that work together to dampen vibration and improve durability. Durability stitches create excellent adhesion between the core, the SENSE layer and the silver TeXtreme® blade wrap. Additionally, this entire Vapor line includes Bauer's Pure Shot Blade Profile, which is that visible expanded throat design that reduces the amount of blade deflection or the twisting/opening of the blade while shooting. This results in a blade that is lightweight and durable yet offers excellent feel, playability and performance

AERO-SENSE II blade core
IMPROVED QRT Taper technology
Monocomp technology
The Pure Shot blade profile
Lightweight Silver TeXtreme®
Micro Feel II shaft dimension
Double concave walls
Matte blade with texture


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