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Warrior Alpha One Helmet BLACK

Warrior Alpha One Helmet BLACK
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For great protection and comfort look for the Warrior Alpha One Helmet. Read more..

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TRUE ONE PIECE SHELL| A one-piece high-density plastic shell that provides a superior stiff, lightweight and robust barrier of advanced protection. The shells distinct geometry is designed to provide best in class impact diffusion coupled with an aesthetically sleek profile.OMNISHOCK + PROTECTION SYSTEM W/ VICONIC INSERTS| All holistic approach to head protection focused on safety first. A shell and liner compositions are integrated by design. Focused impact zones on the frontal lobe, temples and occipital are enhanced with a lightweight diffusion plate called Viconic. Viconic absorbs multiple impacts, both linear and twisting. The diffusion of force through the helmet is not one full materials responsibility. The TrueOne shell and EPP is the core of safety, forming a lightweight barrier that protects against catastrophic injury. The Impax soft touch foam shield and the Viconic pods are distinctive elements designed for specific small and large impacts.

The Omnishock+ system is enhanced hockey helmet design.ADAPTFIT 360 BY BOA| In a fast-moving game like hockey helmet fit is paramount to maximize safety and comfort. The AdaptFit360 provides proper equalization all around your head with the micro-adjustment of a BOA dial. The control and adequate fit of the helmet will allow you to wear it safely and comfortably for extended periods. FLOW COMFORT POLYGIENE LINER AND VENTING| Wearing a helmet should not be irritating. Polygiene treats our removable flow liner pads. They absorb sweat, dry quickly to keep you cool and odour free. Airflow through the shell is optimized by design to keep you from overheatingCOLOR CUSTOMIZATION| In every box use the easy to apply decals to customize your helmet with a splash of colour.


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